The Basic Chiropractic Handbook to Dizziness Management

by Dr. Tyler Steward DC
Dizziness is a common symptom observed in chiropractic practice. Regardless of your practice style or the demographics of your patient base, you will encounter dizziness in practice. It is essential to understand the fundamentals of this condition due to its prevalence. This handbook is not intended to be a complete guide to dizziness management but will provide a baseline of knowledge and skill to help you offer better patient outcomes and increase your knowledge on this pervasive issue.
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This handbook contains...

A guide on how to clear BPPV

a list and descriptions of the most common diagnoses of dizziness

over 10 effective chiropractic interventions for the 5 most common causes of dizziness

How to identify one, how to differentiate stroke vertigo from peripheral vestibular vertigo, and an easy bed-side triage exam.

The information in this handbook is provided in a way that allows any chiropractor the ability to achieve better outcomes with dizziness without changing their practice style, patient base, or spending money on equipment.

Dizziness is more common than you think

Discover a better care model for your patients with this free book.

Dizziness affects

20% of adults

There are

2.6 million ER Visits
for dizziness every year*

Dizziness is the

9th most common
complaint for patients seeking care*

Dr. Tyler Steward

Dr. Steward attended Life University for both his undergraduate and chiropractic degrees. While at Life University, he was the club president for the Pierce Results System. He also became interested in dizziness management. During senior research, he wrote a case study and review of the literature, which is now published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research. After graduation, he opened Peak Vestibular Center in Hudson, Wisconsin. His clinic was dedicated to helping the dizziness patient through upper cervical chiropractic, vestibular rehabilitation, and functional neurology. Dr. Steward took fellowship training at The Carrick Institute for Vestibular Rehabilitation to better his craft. In 2023, Dr. Steward sold his clinic to focus full-time on his continuing education program,, and perform research for The Upper Cervical Research Foundation. Dr. Steward published two books: The 4 Reasons Why You’re Dizzy and How to Fix It and The Hidden Cause of Dizziness: How Your Neck May Be the Answer. The latter is available on Amazon. Dr. Steward also sits on the international medical advisory board of an Austrian medical device and software company for vestibular disorders called Vertify.

Dr. Steward’s Published Research, Books, and Current Projects

Published Research

Resolution of Meniere’s Disease in a 68-Year-Old Female Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic to Reduce Atlas Subluxation Using Orthospinology Technique: A Case Study & Review of Literature - Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, Volume 2020
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Published Research

Improvement of Dizziness Following an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique and Personalized Vestibular Rehabilitation Plan: A Retrospective Case Series
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Published Research

Resolution of Medication Resistant Brachial Radial Pruritus: A Case Study.
(Submitted to the Journal of Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine; in peer review as of January 2nd , 2024).

Paperback Book

The Hidden Cause of Dizziness: How Your Neck May Be The Answer.
Dr. Steward published this paperback book in 2023 to help people suffering from dizziness that the neck may play a role.
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The Basic Chiropractic Handbook to Dizziness Management
Dr. Steward wrote an informative handbook to help DCs manage dizziness in practice.
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Current Project

The Efficacy of NUCCA Care on the Outcomes of Cervical Dizziness
Dr. Steward is serving as the principal investigator of this Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF) Practice-Based Research Network study. This multi-center, multi- doctor study will investigate if NUCCA care reduces self-perceived disability caused by cervical dizziness.
The actual data collection begins in late January, 2024.

Current Project

Patient Perceptions of X-ray Findings
Rad Evidence has contracted Dr. Steward to be a consultant and research coordinator for this survey study. This study will answer the important question of, “Does chiropractic report of x-ray findings leave a positive or negative impact on our patients?”
This study kicks off in early 2024.

Current Project

Inter-Examiner Reliability of the NUCCA Posture Protocol
Dr. Steward and the UCRF are investigating the reliability of the NUCCA postural protocol. We are assessing if board-certified NUCCA doctors can agree when a patient needs an upper cervical correction, and, if they can agree when a patient has received the correction (all in a blinded protocol).
This study will be completed in late 2024.